Earthquake and Volcano Information
Date publishedTitle
2012/12/13 Sanriku-oki Earthquake on 7th December, 2012
2011/03/13 2011 Tohoku earthquake
2011/01/27 Eruption of Shinmoe-dake (a stratovolcano of the Kirishima volcano group), Japan, 2011
2010/09/07 Darfield Earthquake South Island, NZ, 2010
2010/04/20 Eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano, Iceland, April 2010
2010/04/14 Qinghai Earthquake, China, 2010 (Updated:4/15)
2010/04/07 Earthquake at Baja California, Mexico, 2010
2010/03/02 Central Chilean Earthquake
2010/01/21 Haiti Earthquake, January, 2010
2009/10/08 Report on Oct 8th Earthquake at Vanuatu and Santa Cruz Islands
2009/09/30 Report on the September 30th Earthquake Off Sumatra Islands
2009/09/05 Report on Sept 2nd Earthquake Off South Coast of Java, Indonesia (updated Sept7)
2009/08/11 Report on Aug 11th Suruga Bay Earthquake
2009/08/09 Report on August 9th South Off Tokaido Earthquake (Updated on 12th)
2009/07/15 Report on July 15th New Zealand Earthquake
2009/05/25 Ground Motion Waveforms of 9:55AM, May 25th, 2009
2009/04/06 Report on April 6th Central Italy (L'Aquila) Earthquake
2009/02/01 Report on the Eruption of Mt.Asama
2009/01/04 Report on Jan. 4th Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami
2008/07/24 Report on Jul. 24th Iwate-hokubu Earthquake
2008/06/14 Report on Jun. 14th Iwate-Miyagi nairiku (inland) Earthquake
2008/05/12 Report on May 2008 Earthquake Offshore of Ibaraki Prefecture
2007/04/02 Report on the 2007 Noto Hanto Earthquake
2007/01/15 Report on Jan 13 Earthquake at Eastern Kurile Islands (Japanese Only)
2006/06/10 Reports on Current Eruptions in Japan
2006/04/25 Reports on April 25 Off-East Izu Peninsula Earthquakes
2005/08 Inspection of Anatahan on 24 and 26 August 2005
2004/10/04 Special Page on the Eruption of Asama Volcano in 2004
2003/09/26 Report on Sept 26 Earthquake Offshore of Tokachi, Hokkaido
2003/7/31 Preliminary Report on Eruption at Anatahan Volcano, Northern Mariana Islands
2003/05/27 Report on May 26 2003 Earthquake Offshore Miyagi Prefecture
2001/12/18 Report on Earthquake at Inshore Yongauni, Okinawa (Japanese Only)
2001/03/14 Report on Geiyo Earthquake (Japanese Only)
2000/01/30 Information on Miyake Volcano and Earthquake Activities in Kozushima and Niijima (Japanese Only)
2008/03/31 Feature pages from the past