In ERI, there are several externally funded project such as researches supported by the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research. Below are the list of the running projects. Press + to see in detail.

Present Project

Intelligent Seismic Data Processing Based on Integration of Next-Generation
Seismic Observations and the Forefront of Bayesian Statistics (iSeisBayes) H29-H35
Science of Slow Earthquakes H28-H32
Special Project for Reducing Vulnerability for Urban Mega Earthquake Disasters
Integrated research project for the Tachikawa Fault Zone

Past Project

Integrated research project for the Tachikawa Fault Zone
Normal Oceanic Mantle Project
Promotion of Independence for Young Investigators
Special Project for Earthquake Disaster Mitigation in Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Multidisciplinary Project on the Eastern Japan Sea Deformation Zone
Geophysical and geological studies of earthquakes and tsunamis for off-Tohoku district, Japan