Date publishedTitle
2019/12/6Visit our exhibition booth at AGU2019 (Dec.9-13, 2019)
2019/11/21Nishinoshima Island: interview with researcher on recent expedition in September
2019/10/9Hungary, Italy, and Japan signed agreement on promoting muography
2019/8/167th August, 2019 Eruption of Mt.Asama
2019/7/26Director. Kenji Satake selected as IUGG Fellow and president for IASPEI
2019/6/212019 Yamagata earthquake【QE】
2019/5/21Paper by Researcher. Hoshina Kotoyo et al. was introduced in UTokyo Articles
2019/5/21Paper by associate prof. Nozomu Takeuchi was introduced in UTokyo Articles
2019/4/15Associate Prof. Hiromichi Nagao was introduced in UTOKYO VOICES
2019/1/30The University of Tokyo faculty position in the field of geodynamics