Date publishedTitle
2024/7/12The 1038th DANWAKAI(program)
2024/5/27【1-2nd June, 2024】The International Workshop on Mega Earthquakes and Tsunamis – Progress in 20 Years since the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake and Future Perspectives
2024/5/17The 1036th DANWAKAI(program)
2024/4/19The 1035th DANWAKAI(program)
2024/2/9The 1033rd DANWAKAI(program)
2024/1/4【QE】1st January, 2024 Earthquake in Noto peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture(2024/01/17 Updated)
2023/12/15The 1031st DANWAKAI(program)
2023/11/10The 1030th DANWAKAI(program)
2023/6/27Long term visiting program
2023/5/25FY2023 Application Guidelines for The University of Tokyo Excellent Young Researcher
2023/4/12External evaluation report 2023
2023/1/13Associate Prof. Mie Ichihara was introduced on Discover our People on UT website
2022/6/3Call for The University of Tokyo Excellent Young Researcher
2022/3/18【QE】16th March, 2022 Fukushima-ken Oki earthquake
2022/1/17【QE】11th Jan. 2022 Volcanic activity of Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai underwater volcano
2021/12/3Highest Recorded Observation Accuracy for Muography Achieved
2021/11/22【Open Seminar】Roberto Carniel “Data mining in time series: data reduction, machine learning, classification and identification”
2021/11/15The 1008th DANWAKAI(program)
2021/10/15The 1007th DANWAKAI(program)
2021/9/16Director. Kenji Satake was introduced on Discover our People on UT website
2021/7/9The 1005th DANWAKAI(program)
2021/6/29【Press Release】Boring to study slow earthquakes-Data from boreholes in plate boundaries could explain slow earthquakesー
2021/5/28Exhibiting at virtual JPGU2021
2021/5/14Call for application 2022-2023
2021/4/22Kim HyeJeong(D2) is introduced on UTokyo Focus "Discover our people"
2021/4/19We are exhibiting at vEGU21: Gather Online
2021/4/9Friday Seminar: (Jul. 30th, 2021) Dr. Asobo Asaah (Department of Mines of the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Developments, Cameroon)
2021/4/8Friday Seminar: (May 21st, 2021) Dr. Zhongwen Zhan (Caltech)
2021/2/1413th Feb. 2021 Fukushima-ken Oki earthquake 【QE】
2020/11/27Recruitment Information for Project Researcher in the field of Intelligent Seismic Data Processing
2020/7/10【QE】Seismic and infrasound observation in Nishinoshima island
2020/5/13Call for 2021 Visiting Professor/Post-doc position
2019/12/6Visit our exhibition booth at AGU2019 (Dec.9-13, 2019)
2019/11/21Nishinoshima Island: interview with researcher on recent expedition in September
2019/10/9Hungary, Italy, and Japan signed agreement on promoting muography
2019/8/167th August, 2019 Eruption of Mt.Asama
2019/7/26Director. Kenji Satake selected as IUGG Fellow and president for IASPEI
2019/6/212019 Yamagata earthquake【QE】
2019/5/21Paper by Researcher. Hoshina Kotoyo et al. was introduced in UTokyo Articles
2019/5/21Paper by associate prof. Nozomu Takeuchi was introduced in UTokyo Articles
2019/4/15Associate Prof. Hiromichi Nagao was introduced in UTOKYO VOICES
2019/1/30The University of Tokyo faculty position in the field of geodynamics
2018/12/3The NEWCUT lab opens on November 29, 2018
2018/9/10The 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake【QE】
2018/7/2Open campus/ ERI open house 2018
2018/4/5Apr. 10(Tue) 15:30 Invitation to ERI Alumni gathering at EGU2018 ERI booth
2017/9/4Earthquake Research Institute Joint Usage/Research Program Call for proposals for research projects and workshops for the Academic Year 2018
2017/7/5Visiting professor/post-docs 2018 positions open for application
2017/6/14Dear students interested in studying at our institute
2017/5/31Joint Usage/Research Program Call for Registration of Project for Specific Research Programs for the Academic Year 2018
2017/5/12alumni gathering held in EGU 2017
2017/4/19ERI's undersea earthquake observation was featured on Utokyo Research 2017
2017/3/27[24-28 April] Gathering at EGU 2017 Exhibition booth
2016/12/5AGU 2016 Exhibition 12-16th Dec, 2016
2016/9/12Joint Usage/Research Program Call for proposals for research projects and workshops for the Academic Year 2017
2016/6/8Visiting professor/post-docs 2017 positions open for application
2016/1/4ERI will host students of the Global Science Graduate Course (GSGC) [Deadline: Jan 10, 2016]
2015/11/26Special Exhibition “Muography: Perspective Drawing in the 21st Century”by INTERMEDIATHEQUE
2015/9/17Tsunami caused by the 16th September, 2015 Earthquake in Chile[updated: 18 Sept]
2015/8/20MOU signing between ERI and NAST
2015/7/13Visiting professor/post-docs 2016 positions open for application
2015/6/129th May, 2015 eruption of Kuchinoerabu-jima volcano
2015/5/222015/09/4-8 The 3rd International Summer School on Earthquake Science [Registration deadline:28th June]
2015/4/2825th April,2015 earthquake in Nepal
2014/11/2522nd November, 2014 Earthquake in Northern Nagano
2014/11/3Assistant Professor Position in Geodynamics (application deadline: 30th January, 2015)