Awards/Press Release
Date publishedTitle
2021/12/6Associate Prof. Kohei Fujita, Yuma Kikuchi(M2), Prof.Tsuyoshi Ichimura, Associate Prof. Lalith Maddegedara et al. received Honorable Mention from WACCPD21
2021/11/5Prof. Hisayoshi Shimizu received SGEPSS paper award
2021/9/24Kosuke Yabe received AGU 2021 section award: Mineral and Rock Physics Graduate Research Award
2021/6/29【Press Release】Boring to study slow earthquakes-Data from boreholes in plate boundaries could explain slow earthquakesー
2021/4/19Prof. Koichi Kusunoki received AIJ Prize 2021
2021/3/31Masaya Kimura (D3) recieved 2020 EPS Young Researcher Award
2021/2/9Associate prof. Yasuyuki Kano selected as "Earth, Planets and Space, Excellent Reviewers"