Awards/Press Release
Date publishedTitle
2015/12/17Prof/Director Kazushige Obara selected as a lecturer for 2015 Gutenberg Lecture at AGU fall meeting
2015/11/19Prof. Hajime Shiobara and Prof. Masanao Shinohara received the Paper Award of Japan Society for Marine Surveys and Technology
2015/11/9Prof. Yuichi Morita and Assistant Prof. Jun Oikawa et al. has won the Research Paper Award of The Volcanological Society of Japan
2015/11/9Assistant Prof. Takuto Maeda received the 11th Morita Memorial Award
2015/11/9Prof. Setsuya Nakada received a certificate of IUGG fellowship
2015/9/2Prof. Naoshi Hirata received prize from the Cabinet Office
2015/8/20Prof.Teruyuki Kato recieved prize from the Technical Committee on Satellite Communications
2015/7/8Assistant Prof. Yoshiyuki Tanaka received Bomford Prize
2015/5/8Research by Project Researcher. Yusuke Yamashita et al. was published in "Science"