Awards/Press Release
Date publishedTitle
2023/10/27TIME selects novel muon navigation system as one of year’s best inventions
2023/10/27Prof. Kiwamu Nishida recognized as AGU’s Outstanding Reviewers of 2022
2023/7/10【Press Release】Activated volcanism of Mount Fuji by the 2011 Japanese large earthquakes
2023/6/19【Press Release】Navigating underground with cosmic-ray muons New technology enables navigation in places GPS can’t reach
2023/1/13【Press Release】Introducing COSMOCAT :Cosmic rays generate and distribute random numbers to boost security for local devices and networks
2022/10/21【Press Release】Noble gases and nitrogen in samples of asteroid Ryugu record its volatile sources and recent surface evolution
2022/10/21【Press Release】First asteroid gas sample delivered by the Hayabusa2 mission: A treasure box from Ryugu
2022/10/11【Press Release】Opening the eye of the storm:Cosmic rays used to track and visualize tropical cyclones offer new perspectives
2022/5/11【Press Release】Keeping time with the cosmos
2022/4/15【Press Release】Undersea detector proves it’s swell
2022/1/31Prof.Tsuyoshi Ichimura et al. received Best Paper Award and Ryota Kusakabe(D2) received Best Student Poster Award in HPC Asia 2022
2021/12/6Associate Prof. Kohei Fujita, Yuma Kikuchi(M2), Prof.Tsuyoshi Ichimura, Associate Prof. Lalith Maddegedara et al. received Honorable Mention from WACCPD21
2021/11/5Prof. Hisayoshi Shimizu received SGEPSS paper award
2021/9/24Kosuke Yabe received AGU 2021 section award: Mineral and Rock Physics Graduate Research Award
2021/6/29【Press Release】Boring to study slow earthquakes-Data from boreholes in plate boundaries could explain slow earthquakesー
2021/4/19Prof. Koichi Kusunoki received AIJ Prize 2021
2021/3/31Masaya Kimura (D3) recieved 2020 EPS Young Researcher Award
2021/2/9Associate prof. Yasuyuki Kano selected as "Earth, Planets and Space, Excellent Reviewers"
2020/11/25Prof. Hitoshi Kawakatsu elected as AAAS fellow
2020/9/15【Press Release】Competition to simulate building resilience
2020/7/20Director/Prof. Kenji Satake recieves AOGS Axford Medal Award
2020/7/2Asocciate prof. Kiwamu Nishida selected as "AGU’s Outstanding Reviewers of 2019"
2020/4/8Research by prof. Tsuyoshi Ichimura et al. recieved Awards for Science and Technology
2019/10/1Associate Prof. Ichihara recieved "Excellent Academic Award" from the The Volcanological Society of Japan
2019/6/28Paper by Prof.Masanao Shinohara, Prof.Akito Araya, Assistant Prof. Tomoaki Yamada et al. won the Honorable Mentions in the category of Best Paper in Geophysics
2019/6/3Paper by prof. Aitaro Kato et al. received EPS Excellent Paper Award 2018
2019/5/31Associate Prof. Kiwamu Nishida recieved Nishida Prize
2019/3/11Paper by Kimura et al. was Press released
2019/1/10Prof. Kinoshita recieved Island Arc Award
2018/12/20Ye Lingling Received 2018 Keiiti Aki Young Scientist Award
2018/11/28Paper by Researcher. Minami was press released from SGEPSS
2018/11/20Associate Prof. Shimizu recieves "Earth, Planets and Space Excellent Paper Award(2017)"
2018/11/20Associate Prof. Nishida selected as "2017 Editors’ Citation for Excellence in Refereeing"
2018/11/19【PressRelease】Large scale simulation and AI related research was selected as Gordon Bell Prize Finalist
2018/6/22Assistant Prof. Kaneko, Associate Prof.Maeno and Emeritus Prof.Nakada receives Paper Award from The Volcanological Society of Japan
2018/2/5Research on Large-Scale Simulation awarded in HPC Asia 2018
2017/11/29Prof. Shinohara receives Iwamiya Award from Japan Society for Marine Surveys and Technology
2017/11/27Research on Large-Scale Simulation and Artificial Intelligence Awarded in SC17
2017/11/24Dr.Aditya Gusman receives 2016 Editors’ Citation for Excellence in Refereeing
2017/11/21Assistant Prof. Akiko Takeo recieves 2016 Editors’ Citation for Excellence in Refereeing
2017/6/29Prof.Satake, Associate Prof. Sakai, Prof.Shinohara et al recieves EPS Excellent Paper Award2016
2017/5/31Associate Prof.Maeno, Prof.Nakada and assistant prof. Kaneko receives Paper Award from The Volcanological Society of Japan
2017/5/1Prof.Hitoshi Kawakatsu recieves Beno Gutenberg Medal
2016/10/25JUNCO receives the Tsuboi Prize of the Geodetic Society of Japan
2016/8/29Paper by Assoc. Prof. Kiwamu Nishida was published in “Science”
2016/7/15Paper by Director. Kazushige Obara and AssocProf. Aitaro Kato was published in "Science"
2016/5/31Prof. Setsuya Nakada recieves the The Volcanological Society of Japan Award
2016/5/31Associate Prof.Atsushi Yasuda and Project Researcher. Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto receives Paper Award from The Volcanological Society of Japan
2016/5/31Associate Prof. Aitaro Kato receives Paper Award from The Volcanological Society of Japan
2016/5/27Associate Prof. Kiwamu Nishida receives JSPS Prize
2015/12/17Prof/Director Kazushige Obara selected as a lecturer for 2015 Gutenberg Lecture at AGU fall meeting
2015/11/19Prof. Hajime Shiobara and Prof. Masanao Shinohara received the Paper Award of Japan Society for Marine Surveys and Technology
2015/11/9Prof. Yuichi Morita and Assistant Prof. Jun Oikawa et al. has won the Research Paper Award of The Volcanological Society of Japan
2015/11/9Assistant Prof. Takuto Maeda received the 11th Morita Memorial Award
2015/11/9Prof. Setsuya Nakada received a certificate of IUGG fellowship
2015/9/2Prof. Naoshi Hirata received prize from the Cabinet Office
2015/8/20Prof.Teruyuki Kato recieved prize from the Technical Committee on Satellite Communications
2015/7/8Assistant Prof. Yoshiyuki Tanaka received Bomford Prize
2015/5/8Research by Project Researcher. Yusuke Yamashita et al. was published in "Science"
2014/11/16Book edited by Prof. Kenji Satake and Prof. Muneo Hori received “Publication Award” of Japan Society of Civil Engineering
2014/11/6Assistant Prof. Takuto Maeda received EPS award
2014/5/4Assistant Prof. Yoshiyuki Tanaka recieved the The Tsuboi Prize of the Geodetic Society of Japan