Friday Seminar (**Wednesday 6 December 2023**) Dmitry Storchak (International Seismological Centre) **at 5:00-6:00 pm**

The ISC Products and Services for Seismologists in Japan and worldwide

The mission of the International Seismological Centre (ISC) is to produce the most long-term and complete Bulletin of instrumentally recorded seismicity on a global scale in collaboration with ~150 seismic networks in ~100 countries. This includes parametric measurements from both permanent and temporary seismic station deployments.

The ISC is also obtaining some useful event source parameters by using station waveforms freely available on-line from a number of dedicated data centres.

In addition, we produce several specially designed data products that stem from the ISC Bulletin and allow ISC to assist several different areas of seismological research. These include the ISC-EHB dataset (1964-2020), ISC-GEM catalogue (1904-2019), IASPEI Reference Event List (GT, 1959-2020), ISC Event Bibliography (1904-2023). We also maintain the supplementary datasets: the Electronic Archive of Printed Station/Network bulletins, the ISC Dataset Repository and the International Seismological Contacts.

In this presentation we shall give examples of ISC services that researchers in Japan could find useful. We shall also suggest examples of research datasets that could be contributed to the ISC to give these datasets an additional use and prominence in the international research community.